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Heaven Book: What The Bible Says About Heaven

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The True Heaven
A book by Joe Beam and Lee Wilson

This book has opened the eyes of many Christians. Perhaps no other topic is as mysterious to Christians and nonChristians as Heaven. It's common to hear discussions on the next life that end with statements like: "At least it will be better than Hell" or "I think it is beyond our ability to imagine."

While it's the truth that Heaven is certainly better than Hell, is that the extent of our motivation? Have we downgraded Heaven to simply being, "better than Hell"? That's a very low standard, wouldn't you say? Secondly, if it's beyond our imagination, how can we know if we want to go there or not?

What Joe and Lee want you to consider is that the Bible says Heaven is, "the good news" and a "reward" (Luke 6:23, Colossians 3:24). Surely the good news of our reward can be descibed in greater detail than simply being better than Hell! And who says it's beyond our ability to imagine?

This book does not claim to have all the answers. But God says many things in the Bible that are often times overlooked. Many Christians who've read this book have been fascinated that they've studied the Bible for years but didn't notice descriptive passages that reveal important and detailed information about Heaven!

Joe and Lee use the Bible to answer the most common questions (and some uncommon ones as well) such as:

  • Will we turn to angels in Heaven?
  • Will we have some kind of body or be a spirit only?
  • What does the Bible mean when it says we will have a "New Earth"?
  • Where is Heaven?
  • Will animals and pets be there?
  • Will we recognize our family members, friends and others?
  • Will we have relationships with family and friends and will we be able to form new relationships?
  • Will we have romantic relationships (or spousal) there?
  • Do babies that die go to Heaven?
  • Are the dead aware of what is happening now on earth?
  • Will we maintain our memories of this life?
  • Will we have free will?
  • What will we do there?
  • How will we keep from sinning?
  • What does the Bible say about Heaven?

William from Georgia said:

After reading this book I am for the first time excited about the possibilities of the afterlife. I was unfamiliar with most of the perspectives that were shared in the book; however, after reading through the biblical references for myself, these new perspectives make so much sense to me. Now, Heaven seems like a place that I would want to be. And this new perspective has given me new motivation to strive for excellence in this life.

Thank you so much for writing this book!

A reader from Chicago said:

I now know why so many biblical writers asked for Jesus to come quickly! Heaven is not losing my life, it's gaining it back! Though I didn't expect it, this book changed my life!

A reader from Tennessee said:

I can't believe that we seem to avoid this topic from our pulpits! This is the best news anyone could ever hear and yet we rarely mention anything concrete in terms of describing what Heaven will be like. I now have a focused and strong tool for evangelism based on what the Bible says about Heaven! Thank you for your Bible study! I reccommend it to everyone!

If you've ever wondered why you aren't always motivated to live for Christ or ever find yourself clinging to this life because the descriptions of Heaven you've heard don't sound like something you'd want to experience for eternity, this book could change your life! If you have loved ones who've died and you want to know what the Bible says they're experiencing, this book provides you with enlightening references from the Bible. If you are a Christian and want to know what it really means to be a part of God's Kingdom, this fascinating book can help you find more passion and purpose!

The True Heaven

The True Heaven
by Joe Beam and Lee Wilson
What does the Bible mean when it talks about "the New Earth"? Will we have relationships there? Will we have bodies or just be spirits? Will we have free will and if so, what will keep us from sinning again? Will animals be in the next life? If these questions intrigue you then you'll want to order this book!

Paperback | Kindle

The Real Heaven

The Real Heaven
by Joe Beam and Lee Wilson
If you feel you have little to no understanding of what Heaven will be like, you'll want to order The Real Heaven. It will help you develop a basic biblical understanding of what the next life will be like for the saved. Follow it up with The True Heaven, listed above or order both books and save.



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